Transparent organization that is governed by Smart Contracts

and controlled by the Echelon community, on the Binance Smart Chain

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About Us

We are Echelon DAO, a transparent organization that is governed by Smart Contracts, controlled by the Echelon team, on the Binance Smart Chain.

  • Decisions made by the community (DAO)
  • Smart Contracts and Protocols govern the DAO
  • All token holders are part of the DAO

With the introduction of the Proof of Staked Authority (PoSA) consensus mechanism on the Binance Smart Chain, the Echelon Dev Team has noted that BSC creates an ecosystem where validators, token holders, developers, and users all benefit from a rewarding blockchain. This blockchain alongside Echelon DAO offers high performance and ample space for further innovations.

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ECHO Holders that forms the Echelon DAO Board

ECHO Transfers recorded on BSC Scan

ECHO Tokens in existence at the moment

Unique NFT's available on the official Echelon DAO OpenSea page


Echelon DAO is the birth place of many products to come voted on by the community. Click the cards to find out more


EchoSwap is an innovative DEX created by forking the popular BSC DEX, Pancakeswap. EchoSwap offers all the great features that pancakeswap brings plus a lot more.

Echelon DAO Voting

The Echelon DAO Dev Team is working on a fully functional voting portal where DAO members (Token Holders) can use their ECHO Tokens to propose and vote on new products for the Echelon DAO Dev Team to create.


All you need to know about the ECHO Token

ECHO: 0x6aaa14929d74b8533343c1a5b6e42443f59b6f6f

  • Summary
  • Team Tokens
  • DAO Tokens
  • Public Tokens

Minimum ECHO Supply

ECHO supply can be lowered by burning of ECHO Tokens but will never burn below 21 000 ECHO in existence.

Current ECHO Supply

This is the current supply of echo tokens in existence calculated by taking the initial supply minus the burend supply.

Initial ECHO Supply

This is the initial supply of echo tokens created and also the maximum supply. NOTE: There is NO mint function for ECHO tokens.

DEV Team Tokens

This is the amount of echo allocated for development of dao products. NOTE: These tokens are locked and can only unlocked if voted on by the dao.

DAO Tokens

This is the amount of echo allocated for dao products, echoswap liquidity and rewards. NOTE: These funds are also locked.

Public Tokens

This is the amount of tokens available for public release which includes: Private Sale, Public Sale, Pancakeswap liquidity and future public products.

DEV Tokens

DAO Tokens

Public Tokens


The team developing products for the Echelon DAO includes:






Community Manager

Barry, Cameron, Gold, AK

Community Moderators

2021 Roadmap

Stay up to date on our road forward

Q1 2021

  • Echelon DAO Launch
  • Private Sale
  • Public Sale
  • EchoSwap ALPHA

Q3 2021

  • EchoSwap BETA Launch
  • Echelon Voting ALPHA
  • EDAO Dashboard Main Launch
  • Coming Soon...

Q4 2021

  • EchoSwap Early Access Main Launch
  • Echelon Voting BETA
  • New DAO Product
  • Coming Soon...


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the current MarketCap??

At the moment of writing the Market Cap is around $284 406. This is calculated by multiplying the ECHO price with ECHO Tokens in circulation. ECHO Tokens in circulation can be found by taking the current supply minus the DAO,DEV and Public wallet amounts found here and/or above under tokenomcs.

(June 25 2021)
For example: Current Supply = 2 070 010
Dev, DAO and Public Supply = (377 384 + 500 000 + 402 607) = 1 279 991
Thus, 2 070 010 - 1 279 991 = 790 019 ECHO in circulation
ECHO price on this day is $0.36
Thus 790 019 ECHO * $0.36 = $284 406 Market Cap

What differentiates EchoSwap from other DEX's?

With EchoSwap we are brining you the functionality of other traditional DEX's plus extra added innovative features such as leveraged staking. Multiple other features will be proposed, tested and launched on the DEX.

How do I propose and vote on products?

Everyone holding a minimum of 21 ECHO is a board member and has voting rights. Voting will take place on the voting portal, coming soon.

When will ECHO be on CoinmarketCap and/or Coingecko?

We have been accepted by CMC(see here) and are awaiting our CG listing.

Is the product audited?

Yes, we have been audited by HashEx, find the audit here.

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